Can you grow your own Microgreens at home?Absolutely!

So what exactly are microgreens? And don’t confuse them with sprouts. Microgreens are smaller immature versions of plants. You basically harvest them like herbs. When they have atleast two true leaves on the stem and anywhere between 1 and 3 inches (2.5 -8cm) Sprouts are germinated seeds that are eaten root, seed and shoot. Microgreens…

Lettuce, bitter?

We have all had the experience of taking a bite of salad and almost immediately wanting to spit ot out. Here is a remedy: how to make bitter lettuce sweet again Why do some lettuce taste bitter? High temperatures and too little water. The heat makes lettuce mature too fast and it ends up bolting….

Flower of the day

Where do Sun flower seeds come from? Duhhh…sunflowers. but i have never actually seen it until i had my own huge sunflowers. And this is also my entry for Cee’s flower of the day And this is some extras

Peas in the garden

I was walking through the pea patch (Hahaha that sounds funny😂), wondering if they are the right height. Are they growing properly? This is our first time growing peas on the little farm I saw two little flowers! So soon we would be having peas. Yay! Is this not the cutests flower ever!


Dirt under my nails, and muddy knees used to make me cringe. gumboots (wellingtons) not even anywhere near my fashion choice. Today it is so part of our daily life that I dont even notice it. And at one stage I had to admit to myself that I was enjoying it. I was actually enjoying…

First Turnips in the garden

Was just about to give up on this when I spotted some purple through the leaves. Yes!!!Something is happening… (clapping excitedly) I am happy to say there is more than one. Hahaha. Its always exciting to see new stuff growing. EVEN KIDS CAN DO IT!!! And if your kids dont like vegetables, like mine, get…

Beautiful and delicious

LETTUCE and Beetroot. What a surprize this was. The most beautiful lettuce and beetroot. The green thumb belonging to the man of the house. (Dearest husband). Wait….is it green thumb or green fingers…hmmmm. You know what I mean though, haha.